Covers of the Gough Island Scientific Survey 1955-56

The Gough Island Expedition was an event organised as part of the International Geophysical Year 1955-56. The expedition team was landed on Gough Island on 13th November 1955 . A mail service from Gough Island was quickly set up liasing with the Tristan da Cunha Post Office.

The Gough Island expedition mail started on 14th December 1955 and operated until 27th May 1957. The original expedition leader, Robert Chambers, was soon evacuated from Gough back to Tristan due to a back injury sustained when landing by boat and his role was taken over by Mr MW Holdgate.

During the Gough Island expedition more than 15.000 letters were sent using the temporary service although most were dated on the first mailing date 14th DE 1955. Several expedition covers were sent to VIPs back in England (e.g Winston Churchill) and these command substantially higher values compared to the regular philatelic mail.